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Hair Expo Indonesia To Jakarta 27 - 29 July 2017 | Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center

27-29 JULY 2017, JAKARTA

Foto Hair Expo Indonesia.

Hair Expo Indonesia

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Join Us For The Festival Of Hair
Heading To Jakarta For The First Time In 2017!

Have the pinnacle of the hair dressing community at your fingertips with the largest professional hair dressing event in Indonesia.
Following the success story of Hair Expo Australia, Hair Expo Indonesia is the key sourcing event for the hair Industry, and attracts an unmatched number of motivated industry professionals. Be immersed in face to face networking, and media attention that no other marketing channel alone can achieve.
Hair Expo Indonesia is the time and place where hairdressers have the intention, and dedicated time to source new brands and products, and provides exhibitors with an incredible opportunity to connect with the hair industry.

Versi Indonesia

Hair Expo Indonesia 2017 adalah event khusus rambut pertama di Indonesia. Event ini terinspirasi oleh induk event kami yaitu Hair Expo Australia, Hair Expo Indonesia merupakan ajang pameran dengan focus mengedukasi, memotivasi dan menginspirasi (Educate, Motivate, and Inspire), pameran ini akan menjadi ajang untuk terkoneksi serta membangun jaringan bisnis di sektor industri penataan rambut dan kecantikan.
Info Dan Kontak:
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Hasil gambar untuk Acara Hair Expo Indonesia


For the first time! Indonesia pinnacle awards stand for the utmost excellence in Indonesia Hairdressing Industry. This award is prestigious and thrilling platform showcasing craftmanship, passion, dedication, and vision. 
With aholistic approach, judging the delivery of criteria throughout the year, the awards not only recognize artistic vision, but also business acumen, being an ambassador for the industry, an inspriration and role model for peers, and operating on world class level. 


  • Indonesian Hairdresser of the year 2017
    The winner of this category is Indonesia’s most outstanding representative of the hairdressing industry. They will be the person who demonstrates excellence in creativity and leadership, team work, business acumen, client management, industry development and are recognized amongst peers. This award is open to qualified hairdressers who actively practice hairdressing consistently in Indonesia for the entire awards period and are based in Indonesia.
  • Best Salon Design 2017
    The winner of this category is a salon in Indonesia that provides a functional and professional environment with great ambience and appeal to its target market. From the salon location, to the floor plan and finishes, all aspects of the salon will be considered to identify the winner. This award is open to a new salon or complete salon refurbishment that has occurred during the awards period.
  • Hall of Fame 2017 (by peer nomination, final decision by Hair Expo)
    This award recognizes those who have made a significant contribution to the Indonesian Hairdressing landscape.
  • Men’s Hairdresser/Barber of the year 2017
    The winner of this category will be the person who demonstrates excellence as a male hairdresser or barber in both grooming and styling. Hairstyles should be commercial, contemporary, wearable and reflect current and emerging hair and fashion trends. In addition, the design and style should aim to work with and highlight male features, presenting the best of men’s styling/grooming and the specialized skill this takes.
  • Heritage hairdo of the year 2017
    Adapting the diversity of Indonesia culture, the winner of this category will be the person who creates the best up do with an exceptional "touch of Indonesia".

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